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Wood, through metal, explores new design expressions that address the theme of the reflection of light: this is the approach behind Silver Rail, the latest proposal from ALPI, the first company in the world to industrialize the process of reconstituted wood, and now an unchallenged technological reference point in the wood sector.

Silver Rail is the result of intensive R&D activity – a true characteristic of the company’s DNA – that has allowed ALPI to develop materials conceived to interact with light, confirming its role as a professional partner and its outstanding ability to interpret and foresee market trends with solutions that are increasingly sophisticated in both aesthetic and technological terms, capable of giving concrete form to any idea from its spheres of reference: large luxury brands, giants in the automotive and nautical sectors, prestigious furniture makers, and the fields of product design, interior architecture and contract.

Decorative wooden surfaces crossed by metal lines that reflect light: Silver Rail is a material with a modern design – applicable to finished products or horizontal and vertical surfaces – combining the softness and warmth of wood with the glow and rigor of metal. An innovative offering, the result of sophisticated technology and the careful, tailor-made workmanship typical of ALPI; a synthesis of two apparently antithetical materials, conceived to respond to the emerging trend towards luminosity in interior decorating, in the year UNESCO has proclaimed as that of light and light-based technologies.


Silver Rail lends itself to infinite possibilities of personalization: from the choice of color and design from the vast range of ALPI woods to the indication of the number and the spaces between the metal lines, which can be governed by regular, precise geometric patterns or designed with more sinuous shapes. With proper lighting, the material offers intriguing luminous effects that add character to rooms and enhance the design of objects and furnishings.

Silver Rail is available in the ALPIlignum and ALPIkord versions:



This product is the company’s cornerstone: the true symbol of the ALPI universe, the finest expression of its R&D activities and the perfect blend of technological innovation and artisan know-how. A line of woods that offers unlimited aesthetic variety and personalization: reproducing the colors and grain of natural materials (over 120 types in the catalogue) or creating Design Wood with unusual chromatic effects, allowing for maximum creativity. ALPIlignum is a sliced wood that can be applied to any surface and produced in different thicknesses depending on the application. It is therefore an extremely versatile product, capable of responding to all project needs in functional and aesthetic terms. Its particular production process involves peeling logs (of Poplar, Lime Wood or Ayous), always of certified origin, to make sheets that are immersion dyed and “reassembled” by stacking the layers of dyed wood to make a “new log”. The absence of the typical defects of traditional wood, the uniformity and reproducibility of colors and sizes make it ideal for rapid implementation of single production runs or series.


The line of prefinished woods treated with state-of-the-art products and varnishes to bring out the natural beauty of the entire ALPIlignum range, applied on a surface and then varnished. The result is a large wooden panel ready for application to any surface, to reduce the time needed for working, varnishing and installation. The practicality of ALPIkord finishes is joined by high levels of quality, unique design and customization, as well as the environmental certifications pertaining to ALPIlignum. By request, FSC certification, the most important international guarantee of its kind of the sustainable origin of our wood, is also available for ALPIkord.

ALPI, wood&more: Italian roots for international excellence

An absolute leader in the production of decorative surfaces in multilaminar wood, ALPI was the first company in the world to industrialize the manufacturing process for reconstituted wood, setting new qualitative standards. The perfect balance between manual skills and high technology make the firm unique. On the one hand, ALPI is pure innovation, ahead of the demands of the market; on the other, it represents painstaking craftsmanship.

An example of excellence that thanks to the depth of its collections – applicable to finished products and horizontal or vertical surfaces – combined with the ability to design bespoke solutions, is an unchallenged technological reference point for the wood sector. A professional partner of leading luxury brands and major manufacturers of automobiles and yachts, as well as prestigious names in furniture, product design, interior architecture and 360° contract, ranging from hôtellerie to multi-apartment developments, retailing to offices to public spaces.

What sets ALPI apart on the worldwide scene is its direct control of the entire process, from the log to the finished product, starting with forest management using chain-of-custody certification to guarantee the legal and sustainable sourcing of the wood and total product traceability.

ALPI is therefore a guarantee of an eco-responsible, versatile design product, made possible by major investments in R&D, raw materials of the highest quality, avant-garde technology and the finest tailor-made craftsmanship. Other important features of the firm are its vast range of offerings and great ability to respond to the specific requirements of a highly diversified client base, also through the design and development of custom lines and one-off collections.

Today ALPI – helmed by Vittorio Alpi, the founder’s grandson – has industrial facilities of 180,000 sq. meters (52,000 indoors) in Italy, and 346,500 sq. meters (over 67,000 indoors) in Africa, for a production capacity of over 30 million square meters per year, with capillary distribution networks in over 60 countries.

The firm stands out for reliability and solidity, based on sales growth that surpassed the level of 130 million euros in 2014.


A good toy shapes good people, and design a toy is not a kid’s game.
The 4th edition of our higher education course “Design for Kids and Toys” will start from September on an e-learning platform. Our aim is teaching the expertise to design high quality projects for the childhood.
Well designed toys, objects and places create good experiences.
Good experiences create neural pathways in the kids’ brains and ensure they will grow in a better way.
We accept applications: /it/ddgio


News from Poli.Design Milano: the 2nd edition of our higher education course on an e-learning platform, starting from September.
Wine Design: practices, objects and areasto create systems around wine.
Every part of the wine’s production chain is characterized by an high culture on projects. Making connections with other productions, with economy and with the daily life is essential.
A complete overview on all the concerned competences and on their management and workshops with the main wine innovators are added values of the course.
We accept applications.


Milan Design week 2015

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THE PLACE TO BE. Since B&B Italia has the ability to build a path and keep with its loyal designers and audience the “fil-rouge” of its history and DNA, which is that of creating furnishings that express research, innovation and creativity. Faithful to its roots but open to new ideas, this year B&B Italia presents a series of authentic new projects that took considerable time and energy for research, design, development, testing, finalizing and change course, if necessary. Read More

Project of a private residence in Kyiv, Ukraine designed by Oto Design Studio.
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Hotel “Le Negresco” – Nizza

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One of the most exclusive 5-star hotels in the world, also renowned for the incredible works of art collected inside (Dali and Moretti just to mention a few) has chosen the elegance of Petracer’s materials to renew all the suites and make them even more exclusive.
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What Happens When You put together DESIGN, UNIVERSITY and BUSINESS APPROACH?
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The renewed impulse towards liturgical building, the sustainability of churches in the urban context and the miraculous properties of porcelain stoneware.
“God is in the details,” as German architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe said, one among the masters of the Modern Movement, stated. Never was an expression more appropriate if we look at sacred architecture and the attention paid to particular technical aspects of design, to the social role of a liturgical building and the significance a place of worship can acquire once inserted in a urban context.
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